Quality Assurance in PHP

Writing code without any level of quality assurance leads to horrible results (like rockets exploding and mars landers crashing into the planet).

To ensure quality code certain industry recognized methodologies like unit testing and CIT must be used.

This training course will explain the concepts, provide use-cases and exercises to train developers to use the demonstrated concepts.

We even include a section on how to start unit testing real world, spaghetti coded legacy applications we all have to support at some point.

This course covers :

  • Unit testing (introduction, how-to, how-NOT-to, common mistakes & pitfalls, advanced techniques)
  • Automated functional testing (Selenium & alternatives)
  • Coding standard verification
  • PHP version compatibility, upgrade paths and automated testing
  • Stress testing
  • Fully automated testing, continuous integration

The training course features lesson material, but also includes practical exercises. A training certificate will be provided at the end of the training course.

Duration : 18h

Required material : Laptop (if possible with administrator rights)

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