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Who am I ?

I’m a freelance IT consultant living near Antwerp, Belgium.

I specialize in Web development and architecture, mostly revolving around the PHP ecosystem. I’m interested in scalability, both from a software perspective, as well as a system and network perspective.

Next to my job, I enjoy going for a run, dancing (balfolk and tango), going out for dinner and making city trips.

Professional biography

My first introduction to IT came in the mid-80s when I learned how to program in Basic.

During the 90s, I developed (among many other things) anti-virus/trojan upload scanning tools for the ProBoard BBS and started my Computer Sciences studies. I also took my first steps on the (still non-graphical) Internet in the early 90s.

In 1999, I launched a free webmaster tools site called GNet, which featured a search engine submission system, banner exchange, etc.

In 2001, I obtained a bachelor’s degrees in Applied Computer Sciences & Technologies and in Business Economics.

From 2000 to 2002, I was project lead of phpAdsNew, an open source advertising system later known as OpenX, serving several billion ads per month.

I’m currently the managing director of FirstLink Networks, a networking and infrastructure consulting company, founded in 2000.
In 2010, we started Cu.be Solutions, a PHP-centered consultancy company.

I’m an active Open Source contributor and speaker at Open Source conferences about a wide variety of subjects.

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