Presenting “Caching and Tuning Fun for High Scalability” at phpBenelux

On Jan 28-29 the second phpBenelux conference will be held in Edegem, a small town near Antwerp, Belgium. phpBenelux is the largest php usergroup for the Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxemburg) area.

I’ve been given the opportunity to give a 3-hour tutorial on the 28th. Here’s a quick rundown of what I will be diving into during that tutorial :
– General introduction into caching (what it is, what types of caching techniques there are, etc.)
– Some common caching implementations (the good, the bad and the ugly)
– How to keep your site scalable by caching
– How to bring down your site (how NOT to cache !) – i.e. commonly used techniques that lead to disaster
– Caching outside the box
– Spread, don’t duplicate
– Scalable alternatives to LAMMP (no, not a typo !)
– Applying Varnish
– Backend done, let’s go frontend !
– Tuning quickies
– Finally, a live demo with all of the described techniques applied while performing a stress-test – things might (will) most likely go horribly wrong here 😉

I’m looking forward to presenting this tutorial. If you want to be there, visit the phpBenelux Conference site or order your ticket while you still can !

See you all on the 28th !

2 thoughts on “Presenting “Caching and Tuning Fun for High Scalability” at phpBenelux”

  1. Attending the talk right now. Great topic selection & insight. Definitely learning something new …and, most importantly, having lot of fun. Very appropriate title then! Thanks Wim, keep up w/ the good work! 😉

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