Finally, the rush begins…

Somewhere in december, I promised to publish articles and other interesting things on a regular basis. So far, not much of that has happened.

Not that I was short of ideas, but due to time-contraints, I never got around to doing that.

In the past few weeks, I finally found the time to put some of those ideas into practice. So starting this week, you’ll regularly see some articles and smaller tidbits posted here.

A small preview of what’s the come :

  • An extension to PHPUnit, which allows you to verify the types of variables on several levels during the test run
  • How to build a dynamic, cacheable, reflection-based ACL system in Zend Framework
  • Parents are bad (or : how to build a proper tree)
  • How to analyze SQL queries in MySQL – how to get the most out of your database by writing the right queries
  • How to detect and block request floods
  • and a lot more đŸ˜‰

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